Main Features


Fully automatic

Unbelievably easy to use. Automatic deployment, configuration and updates. Never waste time on maintenance again. Learn more

It just works

It just works

Install and forget it! Fast backups and restores. Optimized bandwidth usage. Reliable and stable. Transparent for end users. Learn more

Safe haven

Safe haven

Data stored in Europe in an enterprise grade security data center. Keep control and ownership of your data globally. Learn more



Unlimited data. Unlimited version history. Unlimited file size & file types. Unlimited speed. Learn more

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Backup your computer

Nexetic Shield 10 €/month/computer (vat. 0%)

It just works

Install and forget

  • Just install and you’re backed up.
  • Reliable and stable. Self-healing.

Fast backups and restores

  • No backup data transfer speed limits.
  • Super fast and light. Optimized simultaneous multiple file upload.

Optimized bandwidth usage

  • Optimized network traffic with clever algorithms.
  • Only sends modified data – saves bandwidth.
  • Benefits of low bandwidth scale with organization size.

Invisible for end users

  • Completely distraction free backup.
  • Concentrate on your work – backing up is automatic.


Automatic deployment

  • Silent installation without any action from end users.
  • Optional manual one-click installation.
  • Easy email invite generation.

Automatic configuration

  • Intelligently resolves what to backup.
  • Continuous backup. You’re always protected.
  • Optional manual settings.
  • Adjustable user privileges for reduced maintenance (administrator).

Automatic updates

  • Automatic client updates without user action.
  • Administrator rights not required.

Hassle-free maintenance

  • Self-healing. Smart alerts with instructions.
  • Remote access to clients’ settings (administrator).
  • Dashboard view to clients’ status (administrator).

Safe haven

Store data in Europe

  • Data stored in Europe. Datacenters in Helsinki.
  • Finland has one the strongest data protection laws in Europe.

Geo-redundant storage

  • Multiple datacenters in Finland.
  • Data backed up into two different datacenters.
  • Multiple copies are stored. Continuous data validity check.

Enterprise-grade security

  • Highly secure end-to-end encryption (AES 256).
  • Encrypted data transfers (TSL).
  • Data encrypted at backup cloud (AES 256).

Keep control & ownership

  • Keep control & ownership of your data.
  • As opposed to US where cloud storage providers are obliged to give their customer data to government.


Unlimited data

  • Unlimited data for all your laptops and desktops (unlimited plan).

Unlimited version history

  • Go back in time and restore any previous version of any file.

Unlimited file size & file types

  • No file size limits.
  • Low bandwidth handling of even very large files. Only modified data is transmitted.

Unlimited speed

  • No limits of any kind for daily bandwidth or data speed.

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